PLC Minute Record - 4/14/2012

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PLC Minute Record - 4/14/2012

Post  TotallyNotABoyScout on Tue Nov 20, 2012 2:02 am

PLC 4/14/12 (2h) Minutes
3 Month Agenda:
• 4/21: BOR Part 1 (Lesson: Scout History)
• 4/28: BOR Part 2 (Lesson Continued: World History, US, VN Scout History)
• 5/5: Election Day
o 1 SPL, 2 ASPLs, 4 PLs, Scribe, TQM, PQM
• 5/12: Scout-O-Rama
o Stationed with Crew 216
• 5/19: Scramble takes effect. Reset.
• 5/26: No meeting (Memorial Day)
• 6/2: Regular Meeting
• 6/9: Regular Meeting
• 6/16: Olympic Day
• 6/23: Regular Meeting
• 6/30: Regular Meeting
• 7/7: Regular Meeting
• 7/14: Regular Meeting
• 7/21: Equipment check, Camp Prep (For Hi-Sierra)
o SPLs needed for Hi-Sierra: Alex Nguyen, Taylor Che, Alex Le, Open
• 8/4: Regular Meeting and PLC
*Regular meetings are subject to change and special events.

LD Camp Review:
1. Add nametags to tents and equipment.
2. Cleaning up: Set time limit and follow it. Make time a scarce resource.
3. Discipline.
4. Division of Labor for productive efficiency.
5. Get to know your members.
6. Leaders should have a pen, small notebook, and watch at all times.
7. Lights out at 10 during LD Camps and Hi Sierra.
8. Lining up: Needs to be QUICK. Get it done right by the first time and don’t waste the SPL’s time.
9. More healthy menus: Avoid sodium, fat, and sugar.
10. Need to avoid profanity. Punish members if used excessively.
11. Need to spend more time with members to know them.
12. Patrol Campsite: Spacing between tents.
13. PLs need to delegate and assign jobs better.
14. Propane: 2 per patrol +Reserves
15. Safety: Must be strict with knives and fire. Supervision!
16. Scouts need to share food at camp.
17. Set a time limit for labor—efficiency.
18. Singing: Sing together, synergy will take effect. Even if you sing weakly, having a person putting effort into it next to you will make everyone sing better.
19. Surplus ingredients—be optimal with ingredients.
20. Water: Bring a personal gallon of water.

TRP_EQP and Roles
With the scramble coming up, we will have 4 patrols once more.
SETUP: Bundle and Rope
GAME: Ball bag
CLEANUP: Nothing
*Lesson will be taught by troop instructor, troop guide, and other special guests, if needed.

Ceremony Instructions
Ceremony: Must not salute during scout song.
Scout Oath: English
Scout Law: Vietnamese. Echo to members.

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